About Bizoneo


The name Bizoneo means "a new way to do business": efficient and lawful.

Bizoneo is based in Dublin (Ireland) with dedicated servers located in ISO 27001 accredited data-centres in Ireland. We also have have an office in Grenoble (France).


We started operating in 2001 as a supplier of Business Management Solutions with a mission: "ease the life of our clients while protecting their data". 

As a supplier of Business Management Solutions, we understand how important your data is and how vital it is to ensure your customers feel secure when providing you with personal and sensitive data. As such we have always strived to provide the most protected solutions possible.

In 2017, we launched Bizoneo GDPR aimed at supporting data controllers and data-processors in their ability to comply with the data protection requirements introduced with the General Data Protection Regulation and other data protection laws.

In September 2019:

  • we extended our product range with the re-engineering of our CRM modules
  • we launched Bizoneo France.