Data processing agreements and contracts

The relationship between responsible parties and operators must be formalised through data-processing agreements at the very least.

Our clients are choosing Bizoneo as it saves hours of work. Bizoneo keep the data in a central place, handle the workflow of documents and ease the assessments of data-processor.

Key features


  • For responsible parties: central repository of operators and joint-responsible parties;
  • For operators: central repository of data-controllers;
  • Ability to document the adequacy based on the organisation's processing location;

Data-processing agreements

  • Ability to handle the workflow: responsible party > operator until final agreement is reached;
  • Ability to store electronic copies of the agreements;
  • Ability to store electronic copies of Standard Contractual Clauses (when relevant);

Contracts & agreements

  • Management of contract renewals;
  • Management and storage of of non-disclosure agreements;


Operator portal

  • Provide an area where operators can complete questionnaires;
  • The competed questionnaires are automatically added to the operator's file ready for DPO review;
  • Secured through username and password and TLS 1.2.encryption